Emergency Nurse Mentorship program

Rachael O'Neill RN, BSN

I'm here to show you how to become the badass ER nurse you've always wanted to be.

If you're a nursing student wanting to start in the ER or a nurse from another specialty looking to move to the ER, I’m here to help you with all of the tricks and tips I have learned in 10+ years of emergency medicine.

The ER will show you things you’ve only heard of and change you into the best version of a nurse you can be. It will tease you, love you, traumatize you and help you grow with every shift.


You shouldn’t be. I got you!

In my 10+ years in the ER, I’ve learned:

-how to recognize, treat and transfer CVAs and MIs confidently

-how to read ECG strips like a boss

-How to start IVs on the most combative patients without getting the shit beat out of me

-how to run a code

-how to help with needle decompressions, chest tubes and intubations

-How to help set bones

-much much more

It took me a long time to master some of these things, and they definitely weren’t taught in nursing school (or not effectively, anyways). I’m here to spread the knowledge I wasn’t given and help you become the nurse you know you want to be.

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